Céline Boson SommerMedium and healer

in alphabetical order

Thierry Barat and Christophe Barbé Specialist in Instrumental Transcommunication
Father François Brune Catholic priest. Author of « The dead talk to us » and « Listening to the beyond »
Jean-Jacques Charbonier Doctor anesthetist. Author of « Scientific proof of life after death »
Marcelle Cretton Céline's patient
Martine Defago Skeptic small ads
Thelma Francis Medium
Nathalie Garin Dr in Biology, trained in neuroscience
Clare Guillemin Specialist in radiation oncology. Medical director of IRIDIS, Lausanne
Thierry Jourdan Skeptic small ads
Graziano Lombardi Skeptic small ads
Jean-Paul Margelisch Céline's patient
Janet Parker Medium Minister. Spiritualist Church. Céline's teacher
Narcisse Praz Libertarian author
Sylvie Moser Schori Clare Guillemin's patient
Jean-François Simoneau FSP psychotherapist
Steven Upton Medium. Minister, Spiritualist Church
Christine and Emilie Vouillamoz Céline's patients

as well as

Jody and Tess Boson Céline's Daughters