The authors

Purpose of Alain Maillard Co-author of the script and the book

I have always been driven by curiosity in my practice of journalism. I go mostly where we are discouraged to go. Why does the dominant rational thought reject so flatly every hint of supernatural? I have grown up in an intellectual culture, in a culture of critical thinking. I have always placed thinking above feelings, reason above beliefs. But I am constantly surprised by this lack of logic among the people who think of themselves as rationalists: how they a priori reject the unexplained in a dogmatic and hardly scientific way. What do we really know about the world that surrounds us?

I happened to witness troubling spiritism experiments as a teenager. As a journalist, I heard surprising accounts of supernatural phenomena from people who seemed to be sincere and who did not have anything to sell. It happened that I had the privilege to meet explorers and precursors like the psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler Ross. Therefore I admit – and I do not think that it is naive, on the contrary – that it is possible that this world is much wider than what the materialist science knows of it. And at this point my curiosity is not only professional but also personal: it is the curiosity of the human being asking himself about the meaning of life. If it is possible that people can communicate with spirits, how could I not have the curiosity to listen to what they have to say?