Mediums the DVD

  • 66 minutes
  • Original language French-English, Subtitles English-French
  • HD 16/9, son stéréo 2.0
  • Lost object. By Céline Boson Sommer. 5'15
  • Message from the beyond. Trance by Céline Boson Sommer. 4'27
  • They're here. By Christophe Barbé. 2'50
  • Two places at the same time. By Father François Brune. 3'12

Medium the book

Cover of the book Mediums

  • By Alain Maillard and Denise Gilliand
  • Editions FAVRE © 2011
  • Exclusive interviews with the protagonists of the film, the transcripts of sessions and mediumistic trance, thinking about the social role and meaning of mediumship.

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Mediums music

Pochette du CD Nagayne

  • CD « Nagayne » by Vérona Vonnez
  • Singing Tibetan Bowls
  • Listen to an extract.

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