Purpose taken from the soundtrack

Céline Boson Sommer. Medium and healer :

I communicate between the spirit world and the living. I think of it as one space. There is no past, present or future, it is a space-time where everything is positive.There is nothing negative in the spirit world. Like we are here, I imagine them being around us as if there were on another radiofrequence.

Céline Boson Sommer

Jean-Jacques Charbonier. Doctor Anesthetist intensive care :

When we see mediums who have obvious signs of recognition even though we cannot explain the phenomenon, we shouldn't just reject it and say: mediumship doesn't exist. They are a bunch of quacks. It doesn't exist It happens that I've worked with quite a lot of mediums, I have seen them work, we cannot deny the reality that they have contacts.

Jean-Jacques Charbonier

Narcisse Praz. Libertarian writer :

Denial of death is the reason why human beings invented a life after death. I think that it is terrible cowardice.

Narcisse Praz

Jean-François Simoneau. Psychotherapist FSP :

This is true that human beings find it hard to think about their own end, limits and as a consequence about their own death. I think that the religious answer or its variant — mediumship — is an answer to this unknowable.

Jean-François Simoneau

Nathalie Garin. Dr. in Biology, graduate in neurosciences :

I cannot believe that there are spirits outside of our brain or that the spirit or the soul is an entity by itself. It is true that I don't believe in mediumship.

Nathalie Garin

Dr Clare Guillemin. Specialist in Radio encology. Medical Director of IRIDIS in Lausanne :

I'd rather work in a network with lots of people, healers or others, than work for oneself and that everyone interferes and disturbs the work of others. We really need to work in networks, hand in hand.

Dr Clare Guillemin

Janet Parker. Minister – Spiritualist Church – Céline's Teacher :

As they move into the other world, they will still love us, still care about us but they will be helped, they will be stimulated and they will grow. Their understanding will grow. And what we have to remember that as we think, we can only think with a physical human mind here. When we go to the spirit world, we believe that the opportunities are much greater and we would think in a much greater way. So if somebody said to us, tell me what it's really like in the spirit world, I don't believe that we could actually answer that.

Janet Parker

Steven Upton. Medium – Minister, Spiritualist Church :

Within Spiritualism, we use mediumship as a core practice. One of our beliefs which is similar to most religions is that the human personality survives death, that the human soul carries on beyond that event, that in reality death is not an end, but a change. However, where we differ, is that we attempt to provide evidence to support that belief. We do not ask you to believe in it or to accept it without evidence. This is the point where mediumship plays a very important role. We believe in this communication with those who experienced what we call death.

Steven Upton

Christophe Barbé. Specialist in Instrumental TransCommunication :

They tell us: « you have to ask, we love you. ». This is one of the very well known laws of the hereafter for all people who practise the invisible. We know that we can be helped only if we ask them for and this is really important. Once we express clearly what we would like, they will be able to fulfil our wish. They cannot intervene in our level if we do not say what we are expecting.

Christophe Barbé

Father Brune. Catholic Priest – Author of « Les morts nous parlent » et « A l'écoute de l'au-delà » :

« Yes, pray for me, I am alive ». These are two points on which they always put emphasis, on the importance of prayer, which helps them. And they also stress the « I am alive », of course, because they know this it the first thing to prove and that in our world, we have great trouble believing in it. This is why they constantly repeat it « I am alive, I am well ».

Father Brune